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22 November 2008 @ 10:05 pm
(2) C.C. and Lelouch spam. ^^;  
Me again, I already showed my C.C. cosplay a while back so I'll try to keep this short. ^^; I recently pulled the outfit back out of the closet due to my friends' Rocktaku Fest concert at Pittsburgh, PA. There were two live bands in this concert, one specifically for anime music (where the singer of the band was dressed as Lelouch XD) and one specifically for video game music.

Videos of the band and Lelouch singing can be found here.

Pics of singer!Lelouch:
(Extra points if you can guess the other memebers of the band, though there aren't a lot of them shown in these pics.)

Me and him:

Season 1 C.C. (me) and schoolgirl!C.C (another friend): LOOK CAREFULLY~
      The fun thing about the two of us were that we were the two "helpers" that were manning the projectors/slideshows in the back of the band. Strangely, we were both dressed as C.C. even though we didn't plan it that way.

I actually x-posted this to code_geass  a few days ago so I apologize if this is the second time you guys are seeing it. (That post was mainly videos though.)