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20 April 2009 @ 05:54 pm

SO I'm exceptionally Lazy and finally decided posting pictures from Anime St. Louis was a good idea.

We performed in the masquerade too for the first time! >X3 .So I went to Anime St. Louis with a group of my friends and we pretty much the only group of Geass cosplayers there. There were a few others, but all in all there weren't too many geass cosplayers. I figured there would be more >.>
Anyways we Had

 Kallen in her season 1 outfit, CC in her season 1 outfit, My Emperor Lelouch, and myself as the Knight of Zero <3

I ended up finding a girl there cosplaying Euphemia and I about died.  Euphie rocks <3

Anyways enough of my babble - you guys want pictures right?

Lelouch being all epic with his crazy hand poses >.<

Suzaku's being all angsty and Lelouch is all like "Pay attention to me"

We ran into cayterror as Ashford!Kallen. XD

Lelouch "Come Suzaku! Let us build the new world!!!"
Suzaku "Can I have a cookie if I help you?"
Lelouch "Yes you can have a freakin' cookie, Suzaku!"
Suzaku: "Yay! ^-^ Ok!!" 
(My Euphemia told me that's what she though when she saw this picture >X3)

Of course we had to do the Dramatic death scene picture >.< (I was totally fretting over him messing up my wig at the time >.< )

Alright, here's your warning.


"Won't you dance with me, Princess"

A Princess and Her Knight  >.< Euphie was so pretty!!! She was so sweet too!!!!!

"Yes, Suzaku?"

"I hope it's not too bold of me to say this, but I love you Euphemia-sama"
"Ooh Suzaku <3 I love you too."

*cue the SuzaEuphie fangirl untied* "Awwwwwwwwww"

And now without further ado our skit.... 

So that's it for the most part for pictures. I hope you enjoyed guys.

It's almost Acen and I should have more pictures to post from that. Lelouch and I have made our Emperor and Knight of Zero cosplays even better for Acen. (I bought thigh high boots X3 YAY) We're also planning on draging more cosplays with us.  So I'll be sure to post more pictures. XD
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