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17 March 2009 @ 10:32 pm
Geass mini-shoot at Momocon '09  
Last weekend at Momocon, two of my friends and I cosplayed from Code Geass and R2, and I thought I'd share some pictures from our little mini-photoshoot. All credit to our Anya, Yugikitsune, and her rockin' camera for the pictures.

  • [info]artikgato as Cornelia li Britannia (R2 Variant)
  • [info]zipchan as Euphemia li Brittania (casual variant)
  • Yugikitsune as Anya Alstreim (end-of-series/orange farmer variant)

Anya picks an orange.

Same shot, better angle.

Hey wait, this isn't even an orange tree!

Sisters on a stroll. Through the orange grove.

Follow the orange-and-black brick road!


Nooo Euphie don't leave meee! ToT

But Nee-chan I need to go over there! I'm even pointing!

I am...BATMAN.

Anya's been hitting the Dealer's Room, and Cornelia wants to touch Euphie's balls.

More crack.

I'll keep you dry!

This maybe a time paradox, but it's an ADORABLE time paradox!

Glomp of doom.


Anya has a very special orange.

Euphie likes her some citrus.

Cornelia contemplates the orange.
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