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19 January 2009 @ 12:18 am

Dear fans of Code Geass! Here we are again, the cosplayers from Russia, X PRO-JeKCT cosband.
Sorry for your long waiting. In this post we promised to show you the video from our performance on 13th of June in 2008. We've put on an amateur mini-performance based on Code Geass and with alternate ending. At that moment only half of Code Geass R2 was released, that's why nobody knew about a real ending. So, it turned out to be something like putting on a 'fanfic' on the stage.
Specially for you we have translated it into English - thanks to Vaimarin, Lucien and Gildor - people, who carried it out. To read more information about our performance, please, look into my LJ, to look at photos - in the comments. Here are some photos for example: 

Panic on the scene, panic at the school, sound of the siren and the school is ran out of electricity!


And, of course, video
Why are they so glad about Rivalz being binded?

We have a new pupil in our class!

President of the student council and Rivalz dancing together.

How could Shirley recall that I've killed her father?.. What could neutralize my Geass? Exactly... I am being watched!

Black panic!

Rollo stopped the time of me, C.C. and Suzaku.

Yes, Suzaku betrayed me again.

Gilford saw me off personally. HAHA

Don't die, Rollo, my only brother!

What are you talking about? Schneizel used Geass on me? And who is Nunnally?! Answer, Rollo!

Nunnally, I haven't betrayed you! Everything that I've done was for you!

Lacerated by the crowd.

On the cross.





People, who stood up in the hall (of course, not everyone, there was too much of them!).
Don't judge too strictly! We like Code Geass, we play Code Geass!
Yours X PRO-JeKCT.