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01 March 2010 @ 10:53 pm
Mao is so severe, and his insanity is so undeniable, that he isn't able to perceive anything else except his beautiful witchprincess. Therefore this experimental photoset to all of us should be spent in the Matrix. Here we have closed doors, walls of glass, invisible objects and weather conditions that can be felt (because they are there), but could not be seen. Here you can drink from a cup floating in the air. In short, we have presented what it is like - when there is NOTHING around you except your beloved woman.

Of course, it is a tragedy when such a thing happens, but it happens in real life, we know.

MORE. Maybe this is a story about a very young boy who fell in love in childhood with not-a-young lady and became insane...Collapse )

C.C. - Lucien Fleurier
Mao - Rimmer
Photographer - Nomad
Helper - Vaimarin
Thanks to ha~te for translation of the text into Japanese.

All these photos can be seen on my Deviantart in big size. In full-size they look better. :)
27 June 2009 @ 08:30 pm

We are the team from Russia, it is called X PRO-JeKCT(Have you never heard about our team?), we are big-about 50 people in Moscow, we are engaged in photocosplay and we put productions on stage in big cities of Russia.

We cosplay what is close to our spirits and what we like, instead of what bears beautiful costumes, maybe that`s why our images come out alive and bright!

If you like CODE GEASS anime series, we offer you our cosplay gallery. At the moment we have no individual fan-club of our team, but there are a lot of our photos on the Lelouch's(Kouji_Alone, the leader) page. If you would like to look at them, you can do it HERE.

If you want to watch us in action, HERE`s a youtube page.

20 April 2009 @ 05:54 pm

SO I'm exceptionally Lazy and finally decided posting pictures from Anime St. Louis was a good idea.

We performed in the masquerade too for the first time! >X3 .Geass is like Crack and crack makes us do funny things... PICTURE HEAVY WARNINGCollapse )
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17 March 2009 @ 10:32 pm
Last weekend at Momocon, two of my friends and I cosplayed from Code Geass and R2, and I thought I'd share some pictures from our little mini-photoshoot. All credit to our Anya, Yugikitsune, and her rockin' camera for the pictures.

  • [info]artikgato as Cornelia li Britannia (R2 Variant)
  • [info]zipchan as Euphemia li Brittania (casual variant)
  • Yugikitsune as Anya Alstreim (end-of-series/orange farmer variant)
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10 March 2009 @ 01:11 am

by ~MegumiHime on deviantART
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01 March 2009 @ 09:32 pm
Event: Tagcom, 2009
Venue: Robinson's Manila, Ermita, Manila, Philippines.
Went as: Lloyd Asplund. XD

Not a lot of code geass cosplayers... Maybe around to make a small group.
Warning: pic heavy. May or may not contain homolust.

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05 February 2009 @ 12:40 pm
I have some con pictures of my Euphemia and Suzaku cosplays I made for a con recently. I loved all the compliments I kept getting. Suzaku does need a bit more work, but he ended up being rushed a bit. I plan to fix him up and get better pictures someday. We did have the sword, but it broke before judging so we were unable to get pictures with it. There is a picture of the sword, but after it was broke. But for now, here are the pics that we had taken by American Cosplay Paradise (ACP). Enjoy! ^.^

Click me for piccies! ^.~Collapse )
02 February 2009 @ 01:06 pm
Hi everyone~!

A friend of mine wants to cosplay either CC or Anya but is undecided which character suits her more...

So I need some votes, please and thank you~! ^_^

here's a picture of her under the cut

piccu under teh cutCollapse )

19 January 2009 @ 12:18 am

Dear fans of Code Geass! Here we are again, the cosplayers from Russia, X PRO-JeKCT cosband.
Sorry for your long waiting. In this post we promised to show you the video from our performance on 13th of June in 2008. We've put on an amateur mini-performance based on Code Geass and with alternate ending. At that moment only half of Code Geass R2 was released, that's why nobody knew about a real ending. So, it turned out to be something like putting on a 'fanfic' on the stage.
Specially for you we have translated it into English - thanks to Vaimarin, Lucien and Gildor - people, who carried it out. To read more information about our performance, please, look into my LJ, to look at photos - in the comments. Here are some photos for example: 

Panic on the scene, panic at the school, sound of the siren and the school is ran out of electricity!


And, of course, video
PART 1 >>>Collapse )PART 2 >>>Collapse )Photos >>>Collapse )
Don't judge too strictly! We like Code Geass, we play Code Geass!
Yours X PRO-JeKCT.
16 December 2008 @ 06:01 pm
My Lloyd Cosplay is finally complete. I'd just like to ask the comms what they think should be added or what would be nice with it.

I cut because I care.Collapse )

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